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A Shomrim & AP Collaboration | By Uri Blau

Postmortem Sperm Retrieval Is Turning Dead Men Into Fathers

In Israel, parents of slain soldiers are pushing for their right to be future grandparents. Critics call it planned orphanhood | By Ethan Bronner and Chen Shalita, Bloomberg Businessweek & Shomrim

Life After Death | Print Addition From Bloomberg Bussinessweek

A Shomrim & ProPublica Collaboration | By Uri Blau

Inside Israeli Hostels for People With Disabilities

A series of joint investigative reports by Shomrim and Kan, Israel’s public broadcaster, reveals the goings-on in hostels for people with disabilities in Israel | By Roni Singer

Pandora Papers: Hundreds of Israelis Star in the Biggest Financial Leak in History

A Special Shomrim Series of Investigations In Collaboration With ICIJ | Uri Blau & Daniel Dolev

The Uber Files | By Uri Blau

Bottom of the Food Chain | By Daniel Dolev

No Pride, No Work, No Rights | By Fadi Amun

Secret Outposts in Israel | By Fadi Amun and Jonathan Bloom

The Opioid Crisis | By Daniel Dolev

Interrogation Methods That Stretch the Boundaries of Morality

High-Profile Arrests Have Shone a Light on Some of the Methods Police Investigators in Israel Use to Extract Confessions From Suspects | By Chen Shalita

Paint it Black

A special Shomrim project brings you the sounds and voices from the Black protest movement that has already started to bubble over into the Israeli art and culture scenes, inspiring a new generation of proud and conscious women and men. Ten monologues.

The leaks and Damages to EAPC Pipes

The Danger of the Black Flood: A Special Shomrim Series of Investigations | by Daniel Dolev

The FinCEN Files | By Uri Blau

Cloaked in Trauma

Shomrim’s Flagship Project in 2020 Dealt With the Issue of Post-Trauma in Israeli Society | By Renen Netzer

The Proportion of Women in Israel's 25th Knesset will be 26%, Compared to an OECD Average of 32%

Meet Shomrim’s Data Division

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