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From proposing legislation and showing up for committee meetings to activity in the plenum and overseeing the government. Shomrim has created several indexes to follow the work of Knesset Members

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Shining the Light of Transparency Without Fear or Favor

Shomrim’s (The Guardians) mission is to strengthen Israeli democracy through investigative journalism.
A non-profit, free of commercial or political bias newsroom, we aim to strengthen the flow of fact-based and data-driven information to the public; incubate investigative reporting projects with potential for social impact; examine issues of importance to communities that are often overlooked; and publish our work in partnership with big and small media outlets.
Our biggest challenge is to create real-world effect. Making an impact is a lengthy process that builds on growing recognition, and trickles down from reporting and shaping the conversation to driving policy change.

Collaborating with The Movement for Freedom of Information

Public enlightenment is the foundation of Shomrim’s journalism. In Israel, the implementation of the Freedom of Information (FOI) law continues to pose a significant challenge for journalists.

As part of Shomrim’s collaboration with The Movement for Freedom of Information, the lattersubmits FOIA requests to government agencies / public bodies on issues relevant to Shomrim’s investigative reporting and if necessary, files court petitions for information disclosure.

Shomrim’s Code of Ethics

As a unique non-profit news organization in Information the Israeli landscape, we saw great importance in composing a Code of Ethics setting standards for the conduct of our newsroom.

The Code is founded on three principles: obligation to credible, accurate and complete information; balancing the right to informationand right to privacy; and compliance with professional journalism practice, includingprotecting resources, data security and proper data handling and presentation.

Shomrim’s Code of Ethics

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